Initiatives for Smart City and SDGs

Kyoto smart product

High antioxidant value × low nitric acid
Certified as products and services that contribute to the promotion of smart cities that realize a more comfortable life than healthy vegetables.

Keihanna Sustainable Super City

High-value-added strawberry and melon cultivation
Contributing to building a model of future life that fuses cutting-edge plant factory technology with life and culture.

Kansai Science City Keihanna Future Creative Education

Toko Elementary School Efforts for natural science and emotional education
Children grow vegetables in mini-plants at an advanced plant factory.

Nursing home Green therapy

Improving mental care for residents
Improving mental care for residents, the joy of growing vegetables, enjoying the sight of harvesting, body-friendly nursing care food that incorporates highly nutritious vegetables: side dishes, jelly, bread, etc.

Employment continuation support type A, type B

Employment continuation support type A, type B

Agriculture-welfare collaboration Social participation
Efforts to support farming and independence, production and sales of high-quality vegetables in consideration of the characteristics of people with disabilities

Infants/children food education

Childhood is important for the sense of taste
Creating product menus that make use of the original taste, texture, and flavor of vegetables, baby food for infants: komatsuna puree, etc.

Promotion of community health care

Promotion of community health care

Small factory, local production for local consumption
With the concept of health, we sell vegetables to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, hot springs (super public baths), etc.