From Keihanna Science City, we are constructing plant factories and introducing plant cultivation plants to companies, medical corporations, welfare and nursing care corporations, educational institutions, and research institutions in the Kansai, Kyushu, Chugoku, Tokai, Kanto, and Tohoku regions.

Medical Corporation Shinmeikai Indo Medical Clinic

Anti-Aging Medical Indo Medical Clinic Director Hachiro Indo Recommended
Medical corporation Shinmeikai Group not only treats the body, but also provides plant factory vegetables with high antioxidant value, aiming for health and beauty in order to be beautiful and healthy both physically and mentally. We are delivering.

YASAI Co., Ltd.

We built a plant factory in a closed elementary school and gymnasium in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture to produce and sell leaf lettuce and kale under the “Mirai no Yasai” brand which have high antioxidants ​​and low nitrate nitrogen content. We are working on new agricultural and regional revitalization projects to create employment for local children and grandchildren to work in the future in areas where depopulation is progressing.

Osaka Agricultural Horticulture and Food Technology College, Nagoya Agricultural Horticulture and Food Technology College, Sendai Agricultural Tech & Café and Pastry Chef College, and Fukuoka Culinary Agriculture and Food Technology College

We installed vegetable plants at culinary school to cultivate many varieties including herbs, strawberries, melons, and edible flowers.
Instructors representing the confectionery, pastry chef, baking, cafe, and cooking industries provide education on menu development, food preparation, cooking, and nutrition that utilizes healthy vegetables and fruits with high antioxidants.

Shinwa Co., Ltd.

With the philosophy of contributing to a more affluent life for people through the healthy vegetable business and helping to solve the food problem, which is a social issue, We are developing a business model for the stable production of leafy vegetables.

Hongo Industry Co., Ltd.

We are promoting “smart agriculture” using solar storage battery systems based on the technology developed by the renewable energy business. We apply environmental-friendly technology to store solar energy in an off-grid system (electricity storage) and convert it into electricity to supply to vegetable factory.

Cultivation technology/Cultivation plant introduction results

We are working with companies, medical corporations, welfare facilities, nursing care facilities, educational institutions, and university research institutes to industrialize high-quality vegetables and plant factories.

Arai Gumi Co., Ltd., Yamaichi Co., Ltd., Wakakusa Fukushikai, Toyota Boshoku Co., Ltd., Toyota Boshoku Asia, Shinmeikai Medical Corporation, YASAI Co., Ltd., Kyocera Corporation, Shinwa Co., Ltd., Hongo Co., Ltd. Industry, Hojo Seian Co., Ltd., Best Partner Kyoto Co., Ltd., Kankyo Technical Service Co., Ltd., Hyogo Plant Factory Business Cooperative, PLC International Co., Ltd., Izawa Farm, Koga Green Farm, Parker Co., Ltd. Rising Hiroshima Factory, Fujimura Co., Ltd., Tabi Club Co., Ltd., Conditioning Lab Co., Ltd., Nippon Kenko Keikaku Co., Ltd., Sunseed Co., Ltd., Kyoto Prefectural University, Kyoto University, Osaka Agricultural Horticulture and Food Technology College, Nagoya Agricultural Horticulture and Food Technology College, Sendai Agricultural Tech & Cafe Pastry College, Fukuoka Culinary Agricultural and Food Technology College, Serviced Housing for the Elderly La Sola Minoh Station, Social Welfare Corporation Hoshinokai, Seika Town Toko Elementary School, Kyoto Prefectural Girls' Junior High School, SAPIX Environmental Education Center, Yamawaki Gakuen Junior High School, Kyoto City Kita General Needs School, Kyoto Prefectural Minamiyamashiro Support School, Partner Service Co., Ltd. ) Yamato Gumi, Tsuno Kuramoto Accounting Office, and other major companies and small and medium-sized enterprises